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Course after 12th, Digital Marketing Course after 12th: Eligibility and Career Plan

Updated: Jul 28

Are you at the crosswords of your life after 12th and bewildered to choose the right path? Digital Marketing Course can be your right destination if you are looking for options other than pursuing a long-term degree program.

Most of us after 12th begin to hanker for either degrees or professional courses to land the dream job. This blog is composed by our experts to empower and enlighten young digital marketing aspirants and confused ones regarding the opportunities that lie in this field.

After 12th we suddenly discover ourselves amidst a dark abyss as the next destination and making the choice of appropriate career options appears to be too difficult. If you are aspiring to get your dream job within a short time span, direct your sole dedication to learning digital marketing skills.

Our counselors often encounter questions like why MBA and professional digital marketing courses are different. This blog can answer all your queries and aid you in acknowledging the benefits attached to the digital world.

In today’s world, digital marketing is not your future, but the present and to navigate the hostile waves of the corporate world you need it as a life-saving skill. This sphere in the period of globalization is a booming one and offers ceaseless scopes of growth and job opportunities.

The statistical data is indicating that digital marketing in India will continue to thrive and open up several job and self-employment opportunities for all. Students often avoid this inbound marketing course option with a fear that without a degree they might not be able to stand out in the crowd.

The courses concerning online marketing provide you with a firm hold over the practical job-ready skills that fancy degrees cannot. Before getting admitted to a degree course, get acquainted with this course to kick-start your career.

Different Areas of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not confined to mere merchandising of products or fulfillment of online sales targets, but it is more than that. Here our trainers have listed down the areas that are covered in the digital marketing course after the 12th.

Apart from the above-listed areas, there are embedded opportunities and fields of internet marketing that can offer you employment opportunities. You will be amazed to know that digital skills not only can give you placement support but can assist you in becoming self-employed.

Mediums to pursue Digital Marketing Course after 12th

Online marketing courses are available in both offline and online mediums and you have abundant privileges of choosing the right medium to embark on this journey. Moreover, numerous institutes and online apps are there to make you acquainted with digital marketing.

On YouTube, you will be able to come across multiple video tutorials on digital marketing and your internet research can help you to become a bit precise. However, the below-listed components can guide you to choose the best training institute, congruent with the requirements.

  • The teaching method of the trainers

  • The flexibility of the timeslot

  • Guarantee of Placement assistance

  • Extensive course curriculum

  • Reviews of Alumni

  • Testimonials

Reasons for choosing training institute instead of YouTube tutorials

The emergence of YouTube has simplified our way of living as we can easily get millions of videos available on it related to lifestyle, education, fashion, and many more. Industry experts often say that the reason for unemployment in our country is not the lack of skill, but a persistent gap between theory and practice.

In Internet Marketing School, we impart the strategy to implement your knowledge of digital marketing besides the fundamentals as per the industry standard, which YouTube videos cannot. Our courses like BODM, PPDM, and PCDM are tailored as per the timeslot and convenience of our students.

Why will you choose IMS for Digital Marketing Course after the 12th?

Internet Marketing School (IMS) is one of the reputed training centers and has a proven record of sourcing the best digital marketers, adept in dealing with online marketing standards. Expert faculty members and an affordable structure of fees, in conjunction with installment facilities over the years, are empowering students to emerge as professionals in IMS.

Our 100% placement assistance can help you stay a step ahead in fulfilling your dreams in the volatile digital market. In addition to that, we are focused on turning amateurs and digital marketing aspirants into proficient experts.

Pragmatic exposure, free demo class, doubt-clearing classes, and personalized training are our value propositions to let your flights of career soar higher. Another interesting fact is that your career breaks or gaps in academic life have nothing to do with pursuing a digital course.

From housewives to students and professionals can take admitted to our institute to receive the best knowledge and practical skills as age is not a hindrance. Have a look at the below points before you make your decisions.

  • 30+ validated certifications

  • The opportunity of working on live projects

  • Extensive learning modules

  • Affordable structure of fees

  • Internship opportunities

  • Best and supportive trainers

  • Special classes for the specially-abled ones

  • Hands-on experience

  • 24*7 trainers’ support

Why Digital Marketing Course after 12th is best for your career

Inbound Marketing tends to be more flexible as well as cost-effective in nature. Nowadays, physical toilsome campaigns and door-to-door visits are no longer required to skyrocket the sales ratio, when SEO ranking can generate better ROI. Let’s explore the opportunities that courses in online marketing can give you.

  • Multiple job roles

  • Chances to become a social media influencer

  • Freelancing

  • Part-time employment

  • Short duration courses

  • Affordable fees

  • Earning simultaneously with learning

  • No complicated entrance exams

  • Opening own business

Online marketing and Social Media platforms are the only reality in the present world for creating dominant online popularity and staying updated with industry trends. Don’t delay joining this lucrative industry and to know more about our courses visit the official website.

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