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Digital Marketing after class 12th

Updated: Feb 15

Worried about what after class 12th?

Confused about what will be your right path? If you have an interest towards marketing and websites, Digital Marketing can be a good option for your Career other than pursuing a long-term degree program.

After completing the 12th grade, many of us aspire to pursue either degrees or professional courses to secure our dream jobs. This blog, crafted by our experts, aims to empower and enlighten young enthusiasts aspiring for a career in digital marketing, as well as those who are uncertain about the opportunities that this field holds.

We often find ourselves in an uncertain situation, struggling to choose the right career path. If you're aiming for your dream job in a short span, investing your dedication in digital marketing skills is key.

Our counselors frequently address questions about the differences between an MBA and professional digital marketing courses. This blog is here to address your inquiries and help you recognize the advantages of the digital landscape.

In today's reality, digital marketing isn't just your future, it's your present. To navigate the competitive corporate environment, this skill is essential. In the era of globalization, digital marketing is a thriving field with abundant opportunities for growth and employment.

Statistical data indicates that digital marketing in India will continue to flourish, offering numerous job and self-employment prospects. Often, students hesitate to opt for inbound marketing courses, fearing they won't stand out without a traditional degree.


Fields of Digital Marketing:


Digital marketing extends beyond mere product promotion or achieving online sales goals; it encompasses a broader scope. Our trainers have outlined the diverse areas encompassed in the digital marketing course post-12th grade.

·    Google Ads

·     Lead Generation

·     Email Marketing

·     Graphic Designing

·     Google Analytics



There are more scopes and opportunities in the field of internet marketing that you can learn from the courses offered by Aptech Learning.

Why you should choose a proper training institute instead of an online tutorial:

Online courses has greatly streamlined our lives, granting easy access to videos covering diverse topics like lifestyle, education, fashion, and more. Industry experts often assert that unemployment in our country doesn't stem from skill shortages, but rather from a persistent disparity between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

At Aptech Leaning Kolkata we go beyond mere fundamentals. We provide you with strategies to effectively apply your digital marketing knowledge according to industry standards, which YouTube videos cannot offer. Our courses like BODM, PPDM, and PCDM are customized to accommodate various schedules and student convenience.


Reasons to choose Aptech Learning Kolkata

Aptech is a leading institute in the field of IT training with expert faculty and training programs.

After completing the course we offer placement assistance to our students for a bright career ahead.

Our courses are for all. You just need to have completed class 12th or studying in class 12 to join our course.


Why Digital Marketing Course after 12th is best for your career

Inbound Marketing possesses a dual advantage of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Contemporary sales tactics no longer demand laborious physical campaigns or door-to-door visits to boost sales. Instead, achieving higher ROI can be accomplished through SEO ranking. Let's delve into the possibilities that online marketing courses can offer.

·   Affordable fees

·   Earning simultaneously with learning

·   Multiple job roles

·   Chances to become a social media influencer

·   No complicated entrance exams

·   Opening own business

·    Freelancing

·    Part-time employment

·    Short duration courses

In the current landscape, online marketing and social media platforms are the definitive means to establish substantial online presence and remain in sync with industry developments. Don't hesitate to enter this profitable sector. To learn more about our courses, visit the official website today.


Join Aptech Learning Hazra and Behala Chowrasta for the best Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata.

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