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Top Digital Marketing Job Roles

Updated: Jul 28

Usually after the 12th or completion of the graduation, knowingly or unknowingly individuals fall into a pool of uncertainty regarding their career decisions. If you are at a dwindling phase of your career and finding it difficult to choose a proper path, digital marketing can be your savior. Do you genuinely feel that your 9-to5 routined job is suffocating you or making you struggle badly? Digital marketing can help you out and it serves as a wide area of knowledge, entailing varied job roles.

In addition to that, there are lots of career options awaiting for you to unleash the creative bent of mind or to establish yourself as a marketer in possession of extensive knowledge on the ebb and flow of demand and supply. Here our expert career counselors have presented some most demanding job options that you might pursue to confirm your entry into this whole new gamut.

Job List,

  • Content Manager

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Graphic Designer

  • SEO Specialist

  • AD Specialist

  • Social Media Manager

The listed job roles might enable you to build a career, backed by flexibility and numerous opportunities to earn a stable income. Are you confused about the top digital marketing job roles or failing to etch a clear trajectory for the future? Internet Marketing School has in store professionally designed courses and a bunch of fresh modules to shape the career of students or working professionals.

Skills of Digital Marketing Manager

In the Digital Marketing sphere, you have abundant scopes of escalating to the topmost position and have a sway over the operations. Skills of a Digital Marketing Manager include implementation, overseeing, and management of digital marketing operation strategies, while it takes part in communicating with a wide target audience base.

Moreover, your degree of strategic thinking and analytical ability are cornerstones of this job role of Digital Marketing manager. Our counselors often encounter questions like what is the salary of a digital marketing manager. The answer is “competitive salary tag” as the skills of the individuals define their wage limit.

Being a Digital Marketing Manager, one is usually assigned the task of maintaining and strengthening the online presence of a brand, whilst contributing to the increase of sales activities. Future leadership to risk taking all the other activities befall efficient digital marketing managers of the organizations.

Apart from the above factors, digital marketing managers must have sound quality project management and organization of them. If you are adept in communication and interpersonal interaction, you are welcome to the job role of digital marketing manager as it would aid you in creating consumer touch points on behalf of your employer organization. Are you confused that after completing graduation, how would you be able to navigate the turbulent streams of career waves? Our blog is composed to answer your queries and to put an end to all your concerns related to your career. Being a DM manager, you would have ample scopes of tracing out the right Social Media marketing tactics and streamlining them through varied mediums.

Skills of a Digital Strategist

Whether you admit it or not, strategy is the lifeblood of every business regardless of their types and overall market share. It is undoubtedly too arduous to discuss or figure out the exact Digital Strategist roles as they are responsible for maintaining complete operational procedures.

Ranging from advertising to identifying the exact trajectory of higher lead generation are the duties of a Digital Marketing Strategist. If digital marketing is the core service of your employer organization, then you must multitask and complete all of them in an efficient manner.

Entailing a broad range of marketing responsibilities, you as a digital strategist must possess a holistic skill set to augment the value of the brand. Moreover, in comparison to the other job roles, DM strategists primarily should have sound knowledge of the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

Here we have presented a list of job roles that belong to the area of Digital Marketing Strategist:

  • Social Media Manager

  • Brand Manager

  • Ad Manager

Content Manager Job Roles

Content in this digital era serves as the digital currency as your relevant yet attractive content pieces would work like a hooker to attract a target consumer base. If you are looking for an outlet to vent out your creative ideas and thoughts, the role of Content Manager can be your cup of tea.

You have to juggle with words as well as have to create new strategies related to content for better traffic generation. Becoming a content manager is your only ambition in life; just keep collecting the relevant keywords. Moreover, reviewing the quality of the content and evaluating them as per the industry standards will be your priorities as the content manager.

Graphic Designer Job Roles

Graphic designing is one of the top digital marketing job roles that can offer a creative push. Your artistic senses and aesthetic appeal would not go waste if you choose to pursue the role of a graphic designer. Fusing art and technology, the designer indulges in the task of creating designs and creatives to leave the target consumers entirely spellbound.

Your communication depth and your analytical ability would be your weapons to derive the criteria that clients are seeking. Testing graphics and using the tools like InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are going to be your duties, still, your delivery would have to be on time to mitigate the given deadlines.

Digital Marketing Job Scope

Top digital marketing job roles are no longer an illusion when the usage of the internet is proliferating with every passing day. AI to IoT and robotic devices are on high-trend and in this backdrop, delaying your career choices for a prolonged period cannot be a wise decision. Additionally, in 2020 amidst the Covid outbreak, the digital advertising industry reached almost a worth of 199bn.

In view of these statistics, job aspirants in India have currently an abundance of choices for the individual, in possession of a thirst for pursuing a creative field. Our expert counselors are there to guide you in finding the right route to be followed to grab endless opportunities in digital marketing.

Your preference for top digital marketing job roles is not confined to a few options; rather you can have multitudes of alternatives to emerge as successful.

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