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Learn basics of Advanced Excel

Advanced MS Excel

MS Excel Courses in West Bengal

Duration: 2 months

Eligibility: Basic Excel Knowledge

Languages: English

Advanced MS Excel Courses in West Bengal

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How to be a financial analyst in kolkata

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Financial Analyst

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Explain the new features of MS Excel 2013

Explain customization of the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar

Explain the procedure to add data by using FlashFill, AutoFill, and AutoComplete

Explain proofing and management of Add-ins

Describe built-in and custom templates in Excel

Describe worksheet protection and locking/unlocking of cells

Explain protection, finalization, and encryption of a workbook

Explain the concept of shared workbooks

Explain the procedure for change tracking in a shared workbook

Explain the process of recovering unsaved versions of a file

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Advanced Ms Excel Courses in West Bengal

25 K


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